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Simple Living: The Sahariya life

We invite you to come and experience simple living with the Sahariya, immersing in their way of life and calming your mind.

  • When to Visit

The best time to visit the region is during the winters in India, between the months of October and February. The region is green and the seasonal rivers brimming with the clean monsoon waters. The temperature is also comfortable during the day although the nights can get chilly during peak winters.

  • How to Reach

The nearest railway station is Morena (280 km from Delhi) and Gwalior (316 km from Delhi), both of which are well connected by train to all major cities of India. Gwalior has an airport too. Our field office in Village Agara is 145 km by road from Gwalior and 130 km from Morena. It takes around 3 hours by car to reach our field station from either of these cities. Private taxis can be arranged for if informed in advance. Regular public transport by bus is available from the city of Morena to village Agara throughout the day.

  • Homestay

Options of living with an Adivasi family will be available apart from open air camping, dormitory and private rooms (limited) within the Samrakshan campus. Accommodation would include three meals a day along with morning and evening tea along with some snacks. Visitors can carry food items with them provided they do not litter and be responsible for dumping their own trash. Basic amenities like fresh linen, clean toilets/bathrooms and dustbins will be provided. Staying with an Adivasi family would help the visitors familiarise with the area and get valuable insights into the lives of the local community. One can get a taste of local cuisine by requesting the host family to prepare meals for them.