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Tribal Village Stay (2n/3d)

Imagine a horizon – an actual horizon, not hemmed in by buildings or mountains. Imagine a gently rolling landscape of ancient hills and weathered forests. Kipling wrote of this, he called it the burning plains of Hindoostan. Mowgli faced Shere Khan here, the Hathi elders told of the tales of creation on this antique plateau, and the Bandar-log cavorted among its ruins and ravines. This is where you leave the Gangetic basin behind and start your gentle climb onto one of the most ancient landmasses on the planet – Gondwanaland.

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Come and spend a night with a Sahariya family and experience an unique culture and a different lifestyle. Live the ‘Sahariya Life’. Households have been identified for home-stays along with patches along the Kwari, a seasonal river, that are well suited for tent-based camping. All the necessary camping gears will be provided on the spot.