Ecological Restoration

The Challenge

The people of this dry, resource poor region depend heavily on forests and commons to provide vital livelihood security in the form of food, fuel, fodder and biomass for own use and sale. Displacement from Kuno sanctuary disrupted their livelihood and created a livelihood crisis, where access to fuel and fodder has emerged as the most pressing concerns of the people.

The Solution

In this context, Samrakshan had undertaken pilot projects for restoration of grasslands in two villages –  Paira Adivasi and Lader. These projects has been undertaken with the larger aim of creating mechanisms for sustainable and participatory protection, resource regeneration and sustainable use of the biomass of the Agraa Reserve Forest.


The restoration project aims to meet at least a portion of the fodder requirement of a selected group of families in village Paira and Lader, and thereby reduce their dependence on purchased fodder and free grazing in the forest. This is expected to improve the nutritional intake of the livestock through more assured and regular supply of fodder, especially the grass species which are considered most palatable for livestock and are thus preferred by the local community. The restored plots are also likely to provide fringe benefits in the form of transitional habitats for herbivores and other fauna species such as hare and mongoose. They are also likely to provide temporary breeding grounds for smaller fauna species and rangeland birds.