Baghmara Field Office

 The Team

The young and enthusiastic team at the Baghmara Field Office consists primarily of local youth interested in Conservation and Livelihood issues.

Kamal Medhi – Team Leader

Kamal is leading the team at Meghalaya field office. He has been guiding and managing the programmes & projects of the field office since 2005. He is one of the most experienced members of the team and has developed considerable grasp over conservation issues facing the landscape. Kamal is also a keen naturalist and is particularly passionate about bird watching.


Yaranajit Deka - Coordinator

Yarana is coordinating forest based economic incentive programme and been facilitating land use planning process in community owned lands of the landscape since 2008. He loves to work with the community towards conserving the wildlife. Butterfly watching and gathering knowledge about them is his hobby and also interested in knowing about the flora of the landscape.


Ginseng Sangma - Coordinator

Ginseng is in association with Meghalaya field office last 3 years. He is coordinating land use planning process in community owned lands.  He is one of the local team members and knows the landscape, people & wildlife species like the back of his hand. He is very experienced in bird identification, their behaviour and traditional stories about wildlife species of the landscape.


Bensen Sangma - Sr. Project Officer

Bensen is one of the oldest members of Meghalaya field office and been a part of the team since the inception. He looks after one of the Eco tourism initiatives of the field office and also undertakes proper identification and recording of the birds, butterflies & mammals of the landscape. His has interest in Bird and Butterfly watching.


Rollingstone Sangma - Sr. Project Officer

Rollingstone has been with the team for last 4 years. Rollingstone currently looks after the facilitation and mobilisation of community towards implementation of land used planning in the akings. He is very good with understanding & communicating with villagers. He loves to work with community on the conservation issues.  


John Fernando Shira - Project Officer

Fernando has been a part of Meghalaya team for last 3 years. His current responsibility in the organisation is to facilitate land used process in the community. He has very good understanding of the Elephant movement and routes use by them.  He also has good knowledge in bird identification and identifying their calls.


Vikash Sangma - Office Assistant

Vikash has been in the Meghalaya team for last 3 years. Vikash is trained in handling wildlife and undertakes rescue of wildlife species. He is one of the team members of the anti-wildlife removal team. He is experienced in identifying wild life species and birds.


Golibar Sangma - Office Assistant

Golibar has been with the Meghalaya team last 3 years as Office Assistant. Golibar has training in handling wild species. He is one of the team members of the anti-wildlife removal team and works towards conserving the wildlife of the landscape. He also has good understanding of the fauna species found in the landscape and their usage.