Supporters, Funders and Partners


The primary supporters of Samrakshan Trust's efforts at Meghalaya are

  1. Local community members and Nokmas of Akings in the South Garo Hills.
  2. The Meghalaya State Forest Department.
  3. The South Garo Hills District Administration.



Samrakshan Trust is a Project Implementing Agency that receives its funds in form of grants from various Donor Agencies.

The Meghalaya Field Office has been or is supported by grants from the following agencies.

  1. United States Fish & Wildlife Services.
  2. Global Green Grants.
  3. Indo Global Social Service Society.
  4. Rufford Murice Laing Foundation.


Technical Assistance.

Samrakshan Trust has entered into long term partnerships with the different agencies with a view to

  • Learn from their expertise and experiences.
  • Meet the complex needs of the intervention that demands multi disciplinary skill sets.

The agencies are

  1. MYRADA.
  2. North East Region Community Resource Management Project.
  3. World Wide Fund for Nature.
  4. Nature Conservation Foundation.
  5. Asian Elephant Research and Conservation Centre.

MYRADA Personnel interacting with villagers in BBCCL

MYRADA Personnel interacting with villagers in BBCCL
Pic: Samrakshan Trust