Camping in the open grounds, next to the forest, with a small river flowing alongside enhances the entire experience. Away from the glitters and noise of the city, spending a night out by the forest rejuvenates you. It calms you down and gives you time to introspect. But camping requires some basic skills. It is not all that easy to manage spending a night in the open surrounded by wildlife. We provide the basic skills and guide you through the process of setting up a camp in the open. The activities would include the following.

Camp Craft

Basic skill of pitching a tent. Unpacking, pitching, uprooting and packing it back.

Fire Making

An essential survival skill. Learning how to make fire is one of the most basic and the most essential skill which is required for survival under any circumstance. Fire is not only a used for cooking but it is also a source of light and heat and it keeps the wildlife away.

Stone Cooking

Learn the most basic and probably the oldest form of cooking using stones. An ancient form of cooking and a skill which is fading in the human memory. A skill which can be used whenever you camp in the open.

Shelter Making

A life-skill. Preparing a make-shift shelter which might be useful at times of emergency. Learn exciting and innovative ways in which one can use locally available materials to improvise and make a shelter to spend the night.