The Ecotourism Initiative

Sustainable Tourism

Living the Sahariya Life

What is the Ecotourism Initiative?

This is a first of its kind initiative in the region where ecotourism is being introduced as a source of livelihood for the local community, especially the Sahariya adivasis. Living with a tribal community is an experience that refreshes the soul. Through this initiative, the goal is to introduce the urban dwellers to sustainable ways of living. It would help people know of the variety of traditional techniques used locally which could easily be practiced at homes. Also, through this initiative, an alternate livelihood opportunity will be provided to the marginalised tribal community.

Options of living with an adivasi family will be available apart from open air camping, dormitory and private rooms (limited) within the Samrakshan campus. Accommodation would include three meals a day along with morning and evening tea along with some snacks. Visitors can carry food items with them provided they do not litter and be responsible for dumping their own trash. Basic amenities like fresh linen, clean toilets/bathrooms and dustbins will be provided. Staying with an adivasi family would help the visitors familiarise with the area and get valuable insights into the lives of the local community. One can get a taste of local cuisine by requesting the host family to prepare meals for them.


We provide a range of different and interesting activities that will keep you busy throughout your stay. From adventure to relaxation and from creativity to research, we have an activity for each and every kind.   
We provide a unique opportunity to engage with the landscape and its people through participating in various activities which are hosted by Samrakshan volunteers and staff members. Some of the activities are very basic and adds to the primary skill set of an individual. The activities can be considered as basic survival techniques which may help survive in the open. Guests can pick from a range of activities and customise their stay and enhance their experience. Extra charges per activity will be levied for some* of the activities as logistical cost. *Selected activities will be charged for on top of the per head package cost.

List of Activities

Animal Tracking

Learn to track animals in the wild


Learn more about the stars and the constellations


Look at the various colorful birds found in the region


Camp in the open all by yourself and experience the thrill


Cycle through the forests and discover new places


Walk to the nearest settlement and look and discover a new lifestyle

Flora/Fauna ID

Learn to identify the different species of trees, plants, herbs and animals


Try your hand at fishing in the monsoon fed rivers

Other Activities

An exciting range of activities to keep you hooked on through the day